15 Reasons to get a Special Education Degree


As we identify methods and strategies, and understand the needs of individual students more fully, the field of Special Education grows.

Take a look at our list of 15 reasons to obtain your Special Education degree and find out if you’re the right type of teacher to fit into this very important, challenging, and extremely rewarding field!

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1. The Students

The main reason any person becomes an educator is to mold the minds of their students. Special Education students have vast capabilities and capacities for learning, they just need modifications and considerations. All people have the ability to learn. Some just learn differently than others. Students, parents, and other school professionals will help you with a plan that will best nurture your student’s individual needs.

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2. Shorter Work Days

One of the perks of working in a Special Education classroom is a shorter work day. Special Education students are often given extra time to get to their transportation such as buses or parent pick-ups. Some students even have specific transportation considerations written right in their Individualized Education Plan, or IEP.

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3. Job availability

With the increased awareness of differently abled students and their needs, so does the rise of educators to meet those needs. You will be a part of a movement that celebrates the differences of your students and works work with, not against these differences. In addition, teachers with a special education degree must also have an additional education degree. That will vastly increase your chances of securing a position.

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4. Less Pressure

While being a special education teacher certainly has its own stresses, the pressure to meet standardized testing is somewhat reduced. You and your students can work diligently to meet personal milestones and goals set forth on their IEP. You will also have more help in your classroom. You will have Teaching Assistants and perhaps even a Co-teacher.  Be sure when you are a teacher, you use all the help and resources you can.

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5. Higher Reward

Like anything, when you have to work hard for a goal the reward will always taste sweeter. The same is definitely true working in a Special Education classroom. When you are your students reach or exceed goals set in place, everyone will work that much harder to keep reaping the benefits.


6. Options

With a degree in special education, you will have a number of career paths to choose from. You might want to work in a traditional school, home or hospital instruction, non-public schools, residential facility settings, schools for children on the spectrum, and so much more. The opportunities in the field of special education are enormous right now.


7. Knowledge

Gone are the days of making children conform to societal norms. In a degree program geared for special education, you will be armed with the tools you need to help your students grow mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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8. Love

Special Ed teachers especially have to have a love for what they do, otherwise it will burn them out quickly. While special education can be an extremely rewarding position for some, those who love and have a knack for what they do will always find joy in their work. As cheesy as it may sound, if you think you would love working in special education, follow your heart.

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9. Impact Lives

As an educator you will certainly impact your students lives. As a special education instructor, you have the opportunity to impact the lives of your students, their families, and even the community at large. You can educate others around you how to accommodate people with different needs.  


10. Change

As a Special Education teacher you have a chance and responsibility to be fluid with your instructional methods. There is constant advancements in the Special Education field, which should be implemented in your classroom. The constant changes in methodologies will ensure a vibrant and interesting life as an educator.

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11. Admiration

There is no denying effective Special Education teachers that truly connect with their students are showered with admiration. Students, parents, colleagues, and members of your community will shower you with respect. Admiration is the one thing that will get you through a really tough day.

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12. Connections

As a Special Education teacher, you will be highly connected to everyone around you. Parents will be included in yours and their children’s day to day, support staff will be involved in planning, and colleagues will coordinate activities with you. You will have a highly social and connected position.

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13. Unique Lessons

You will have a chance to create meaningful lessons adapted to your students’ individual needs. Special Ed teachers have the chance to personalize their lesson to suit each student’s personal need. There is almost an artform to adapted lesson plans. With a bit of intuition, talent, and formal education, you will be prepared with the tools needed to succeed.

14. Engaging

You will be the creator of your Special Education environment. Be entertaining, be silly, and most importantly be entertaining. When your students are engaged they are learning. Allow the traits that make you different inspire your students to embrace their own uniqueness. With an engaging classroom you will never have a boring day at work.


15. Job Fulfillment

Working in a Special Education classroom can definitely be a rewarding experience. Your day can be filled with fun, affection, learning, and adventure. If you embrace all of the unique experiences you can have, your work life will be filed with a lot of happiness.

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