15 Reasons to get an ESL Degree


English as a Second Language is a burgeoning need. As more and more non-native speakers enter the U.S., the need for teachers qualified to teach English to second-language learners grows. The children of immigrants and refugees, as well as the parents, need to have access to specialized teaching to help them gain solid traction in the language of their new home. Not only that, international students are growing more numerous as developing nations want access to the standard international language of business.

Here are fifteen detailed reasons why you should consider joining this trend and help meet the growing demand:

1. Diversity

hands-565603_1280When you get a degree in ESL, you will meet a diverse group of people. From the time you step into a classroom and all through your career you will be lucky to meet people from all over the world. You will get to see life with a global perspective.

2. Travel Opportunities


Do you have an incurable case of wanderlust? Would you like to travel the world all while earning a living? Native English speakers with an English as a Second Language Degree are being scooped up all over the world. An ESL degree will afford you the freedom to travel while making money. Many schools offer housing and competitive salaries to qualified candidates. Imagine how much money you can save. Not to mention how great it will look on your resume.

3. In Demand


We live in such a global community. Everyone is connected through travel and the internet. With English being the major language of global commerce, ESL teachers are in high demand. Weather you are needed in China to teach English to enhance people’s business, or at an elementary school in the states with a high immigrant population, a job will be waiting for you.

4. Job Security


Because ESL teachers are in such a high demand, once you land a job you won’t have to worry about losing it. You will be free of worry about keeping your job and focus on the important things, such as fun lesson plans.

5. Expand your horizons


ESL teachers have the privilege of meeting people from all over the world and various walks of life. You will meet people from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. They will share their lives with you. You will learn about their stories and you will learn as much from your students as they learn from you.

6. Influence many generations


English as As Second Language teachers have the incredible opportunity to set a foundation of language for several generations. When you teach an immigrant child nursery rhymes, they will be able to teach their children as well. Not to mention they will be teaching their parents and grandparents English as well. There is such a great domino effect to teaching language. One lesson can touch so many lives.

7. Keep your brain sharp


Stave off Alzheimer’s Disease by learning a new language. Learning a new language has been proven to keep Dementia at bay, You can also have a deeper connection with your students if you show that you are also learning a new language. By doing this, your students are allowed to see your vulnerability and humanity. You can keep your mind in shape while also improving relations with your students.

8. Tangible results


When you are giving the gift of language, you will be lucky to see noticeable gains everyday. A person will acquire a new word or phrase, a child will learn a new song, and students will begin to understand you more and more everyday. It is that kind of gratification that will keep you engaged with your job throughout your career.

9. Creativity


Study after study proves that people do not learn a language through rote memorization. If you have ever seen a child learn their mother tongue, they do it through observation, games, songs, and play. They don’t sit down to memorize charts. An ESL classroom should be no different. Make up fun games to play, learn songs, and play. Even adults(especially adults), will appreciate this lighthearted and effective approach.

10. Friendships


You are going to be a part of a unique and tight knit ESL club. When you travel in the United States or abroad, you will make instant friends with your ESL colleagues. There will be plenty of bonding over classroom stories and teaching techniques. These friendships will be formed through kindred spirits and similar career challenges. Your bonds will last forever, if only to share resources.

11. Non-conventional Job Opportunities


An ESL degree will open up so many doors for you. If working in a conventional school is not your thing, get ready to pack your briefcase for any number of adventures. I cannot stress enough that ESL teachers are a hot commodity in many countries. You will get snatched up immediately once you have the right credentials. However, there are also a number of job opportunities right here in America. Immigrant and refugee centers around the country are a great place to get a job. The people you serve will truly appreciate the work you do.

12. Save Money


Since you are sure to quickly land a job, you will have a steady income after you get an ESL degree. If you really want to save money, you could find a teaching placement abroad where the cost of living is low. With your income and low cost of living, you will have money to spare for a savings account.

13. Make a Difference


English as A Second Language instructors change lives everyday for their entire career. When you teach ESL you will impact people’s lives, businesses, college entry opportunities, and so much more. Your career choice will impact the life and career choices of countless people, spanning several generations. Never underestimate the impact one teacher can have.

14. Passion


Were you the kid that always helped with everyone’s homework? Did you show kindness to new students in school? Were you the child teachers came to show new immigrant students the ropes? Are you passionate about the value of all human lives? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you would be a phenomenal ESL teacher. Don’t be afraid to choose a career that will allow your compassion and vigor shine.  

15. Talent


My guess is if you are even reading this list, you have an interest and aptitude to be an ESL teacher. You are a kind person with ideas on how to make the world a better place. Don’t be shy and hide your gift. Use your talent to affect the world.



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